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Well, this gives a whole new meaning to "ballet babies."

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(photo by Aleksandar Antonijevic, courtesy NBoC)

The National Ballet of Canada star Greta Hodgkinson was born to be a principal ballerina: She’s a classic beauty with captivating stage presence and impeccable technique. A Providence, RI, native, Hodgkinson trained at Festival Ballet Providence School and, later, at Canada’s National Ballet School. She joined The NBoC in 1990 and was promoted to principal in 1996. This season, Hodgkinson is celebrating both her 25th anniversary with the storied company and her 20th anniversary as a principal dancer—she’s one of only three ballerinas in the history of The NBoC to reach the two-decade mark as a principal. Catch her later this month in Onegin when the company performs at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. —Courtney Bowers


Dear Greta,

If there’s just one thing that I can’t impress upon you enough, it’s to trust yourself wholly and completely.

You are strong, brave and daring. Although it’s tempting, don’t compare yourself to others. Instead, focus on being the best version of yourself. It may feel at times that you’re not good enough—but know that everyone experiences these feelings. We all have something unique to offer and you’re no exception.

Don’t be shy or hesitate to rely on all the support you have around you. It’s immense, and you’re so fortunate to have all those wonderful people and mentors who love you cheering you on. It’s important to remember there are many who can help show you the way.

Treasure each fleeting moment onstage—you’ve earned it. Stay humble. Having the opportunity to perform is an honor and a privilege. Do your best to enjoy every moment. It’ll all go by so fast. There will be many times you’re too busy, working too hard or feeling too anxious. But try to take a step back, smell the roses and truly appreciate where you are and what you’re doing.

I hope you know just how lucky you are to be in this extraordinary art form.

With love,



It's no secret that we're as obsessed with pretty costumes as we are with the pretty dancers who wear them. There's just something so magical about following the life of a tutu, or going behind the scenes to see how costume shops take their creations from the page to the stage. Costumes also hold a special place in every dancer's heart.

Which is why, when we stumbled upon this Fashion magazine article, we did a little happy dance. Fashion followed National Ballet of Canada principal Greta Hodgkinson (who's celebrating her 25th year with NBoC and her 20th year as a principal in the company) into the wardrobe room—and had her round up her favorite costumes of all time. Which was no small feat, considering Hodgkinson has danced pretty much every principal role in NBoC's classical repertoire. NBD.

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ABT's Veronika Part and Marcelo Gomes in "Swan Lake," part of the gala program. (photo Siggul/Visual Arts Masters)

Nobody puts on a ballet gala quite like Youth America Grand Prix. Their must-see performances routinely feature bold-faced names from all over the world. Watching all those ballet superstars sharing a single stage is one of those experiences that'll give you goosebumps.

Well, here's your chance to see one of the competition's most impressive galas for the price of a movie ticket. Emerging Cinemas—which has been broadcasting some seriously impressive shows recently—will beam YAGP's "Ballet's Greatest Hits," performed earlier this year in Tampa, FL, to movie theaters nationwide this Sunday, with an encore showing on Tuesday.

You don't want to miss this, guys. The lineup includes New York City Ballet's Ashley Bouder and Daniel Ulbricht, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's Alicia Graf Mack and Antonio Douthit, San Francisco Ballet's Maria Kochetkova and Taras Domitrio, American Ballet Theatre's Veronika Part, Marcelo Gomes, Hee Seo and Stella Abrera, National Ballet of Canada's Greta Hodgkinson, Dutch National Ballet's Matthew Golding and Boston Ballet's Alejandro Virelles. Phew!

Not enough starpower there to tempt you? a) You be crazy, and b) wait! There's more: The broadcast will also be hosted by "So You Think You Can Dance" producer Nigel Lythgoe and feature interviews with soon-to-be Paris Opéra Ballet director Benjamin Millepied and the ever-awesome ABT soloist Misty Copeland.

Visit the Emerging Cinemas website to find a participating theater near you!


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