Oh, hi, EVERYBODY. (Screenshots via YouTube)

Sometimes, you hear talk about an upcoming class video and it sounds too good to be real. Wait: Todrick Hall made a track featuring RuPaul, and then Todrick personally asked Brian Friedman to choreograph it, and then Brian got Maddie and Charlize and Jade and Kaycee and Sean and Gabe and Larsen and Bailey to come out for the class? I just...that can't be right. Can it?

It is right, friends. It is SO RIGHT.

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Last Sunday, we dreamed of one day achieving all the swag and power of 13-year-old b-girl Emily Hoffman.

This week, we just want to be as smooth Julian DeGuzman of ICONic Boys and the Brooklyn Nets Kids, who is also just 13 years old. Crazier yet, the video that hooked us is actually from when he was 11. (What?!)

Without further ado, here's Julian Guzman's audition video for the Justin Bieber's 2012–2013 Believe Tour:


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