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I think my favorite column in Dance Spirit is the one on the last page of each issue: "You Should Know." We use this page to highlight a standout up-and-comer who is awesome now and, we predict, will be stealing spotlights in the very near future.

In the January issue, we introduce 9-year-old Kayla Mak.

A bit about Kayla: She's small.

Like, teeny tiny small.

She's this miniature little darling and when she pirouettes and pencheés around the stage, I just want to applaud like crazy and then stick her in my pocket for safe keeping.

As always, the action is louder than the words, so for your viewing pleasure, ladies and gentlestuds, Westchester Dance Academy's Kayla Mak:

Read more about Kayla in the January issue of DS, on newsstands now!

Dancer to Dancer

Kayla performing her solo “Arabian Waltz” at New York City Dance Alliance Nationals

Offstage, 9-year-old Kayla Mak is like any other 4th-grader. She’s a happy kid who likes math and watching TV. (Her favorite show is “So You Think You Can Dance,” of course.) But get her onstage and you’ll see a whole different Kayla—a girl who’s anything but ordinary.

At the New York City Dance Alliance Foundation’s fall show, Bright Lights Shining Stars, in NYC, Kayla performed in a large group number with her studio, Westchester Dance Academy. Though the senior dancers kicked off the ballet routine, it wasn’t until Kayla bourréed out from the wings that the crowd went wild. Kayla was the smallest dancer out there, but it wasn’t just her size and extra-large smile that commanded attention—she wowed the audience because she more than kept up with girls twice her age. Kayla nailed her pirouettes with ease and showed off massive leaps, crazy flexibility and stunning penchées.

Kayla has trained at WDA in Mount Kisco, NY, since she started dancing at age 4. “My mom was a dancer, and she said, ‘You’re dancing all over this house, let’s get you into a studio,’ ” Kayla says. Soon, she was enrolled in her first ballet class. “I love using ballet to express my feelings,” she says. Kayla also studies lyrical and jazz, and started competing when she was 5. In addition to solos—her “Arabian Waltz” contemporary ballet solo earned her the National Mini Female Outstanding Dancer title at NYCDA and the Young Dancer of the Year title at American Dance Awards this past summer—Kayla performs in group routines, which she says are “fun because I get picked up a lot, but it’s a little scary dancing with the older girls.” If she’s intimidated, it doesn’t show: Kayla performs with the utmost confidence. This year her training will go beyond WDA as she tours with NYCDA, assisting and taking classes.

What’s next for Kayla? “I want to be a professional dancer,” she says. “Any kind of dancer.” A simple answer from an exceptional young girl.


Most-played on her iPod: “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen

Favorite food: “My mom’s spaghetti with meatballs”

If she were a superhero, her superpower would be: Flying. “I’d get to see the world. The first place I’d go is Japan. My cousins live there.”

Favorite movie: Step Up Revolution. “One of my teachers from JUMP was in it—Misha Gabriel!”

Three words that describe her: “Smart, flexible, kind”


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