Coming soon to Manhattan! (a Swedish Lunch Beat party - photo AFP)

About a year ago, I wrote a very bitter post about Lunch Beat parties, the amazing dance fiestas held during lunch hour that originated in Sweden. I bemoaned the fact that something like that would never happen in buckle-down-and-eat-your-darn-sandwich-at-your-desk NYC.

Readers, I'm happy to say I was dead wrong.

On April 24, Lunch Beat will make its Manhattan debut at Slate club in the Flatiron district. For "about what people normally spend for lunch," you'll get a nice vegetarian buffet to nosh on and the opportunity to dance your pants off from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. Scratch that—it's not an "opportunity." The first rule of Lunch Beat is that everyone must dance at Lunch Beat. No corner lurkers allowed.

(A happy aside: My Lunch Beat-will-never-happen-in-NYC theory was actually disproved last year. There were Lunch Beat events held during the summer of 2012 in Queens—video evidence below. New Yorkers, I underestimated you. Rock on.)

I just took a "lunch break" that consisted of me, sitting at my desk, wolfing down a sandwich. And the whole time I was thinking: I wish I were in Sweden right now.

Come again, you say? Oh, you haven't heard about the Culture House in Stockholm, Sweden, and its Lunch Beat dance parties? They are for real, and they are amazing. Once a month, the venue hosts a giant party from noon to 1 pm. And participants (there were more than 500 at the March party) have to dance. That's right: It's a RULE. Everyone must shake his or her booty. Oh, and eat sandwiches. Because, you know, it's lunchtime.

Swedes, man. They know how to do it.

Would this ever happen in hard-driving, what-is-this-thing-you-call-"lunch" NYC? Probably not. But I can dream, can't I?

And just in case you're curious about what a lunchtime dance party looks like, here you go. (SPOILER: It looks really, really fun.)


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