Oh, hi, EVERYBODY. (Screenshots via YouTube)

Sometimes, you hear talk about an upcoming class video and it sounds too good to be real. Wait: Todrick Hall made a track featuring RuPaul, and then Todrick personally asked Brian Friedman to choreograph it, and then Brian got Maddie and Charlize and Jade and Kaycee and Sean and Gabe and Larsen and Bailey to come out for the class? I just...that can't be right. Can it?

It is right, friends. It is SO RIGHT.

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Screenshot via YouTube

You may not have heard Rachael Sage's name before, but you definitely know her music. Sage's songs have been featured on "Dance Moms" a record 22 times! Breakout star Maddie Ziegler even danced to several of her tunes.

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Dancer to Dancer
Photo by Joe Toreno

The coolest place she's ever performed:

I'd have to say the Super Bowl. The field was so cool, and Katy Perry was right there. And there were so many eyes—definitely the most eyes I've ever performed for!

Something she's constantly working on:

My feet. I'm flat-footed, so I'm always hearing, 'Point your toes!' And I'm like, 'I am!'

Signature look:

My hair! That, and a pair of leggings with a T-shirt or tank top.

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Health & Body
Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler (via Instagram, @maddieziegler)

You survived Nutcracker season. The gifts have all been opened. The craziness of the past few months is finally dying down. As you give your mind and body a (much deserved) rest this winter break, don't forget about your skin. Dancers are constantly wearing loads of makeup (and sweating a lot in said makeup), which can wreak havoc on your pores. Take this downtime to pamper yourself and refresh your complexion with our favorite detoxing face masks. You'll head into the new year glowing like never before! ✨

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Dance Videos

Serious question: Is there anything Maddie Ziegler can't do? Serious answer: Nope. Case in point? Her big screen debut as Christina in the new movie, The Book of Henry. But even more exciting than seeing Maddie in a movie theater is the fact that we get to see her dance, too! The trailer hinted at a dance scene, and you guys, it's better than we could've ever imagined.

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Dance News
Lucas Chilczuk

Finished reading The Maddie Diaries and hungry for more Maddie Ziegler book news? Maddie gets it. That's why she just shared the cover and synopsis of her new novel, The Audition, which comes out this October.

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Dance News

It's finally the weekend, which means it's time for lots of hanging out, unwinding from a long week of dancing and watching Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie Ziegler on "Cooking with Kenz!". The younger Ziegler sister's latest YouTube vid is eight-and-a-half minutes of hilariousness, sisterly bickering and baking—with a special cameo from their mom, Melissa, and fluffy pup, Maliboo. We've gotta give credit where credit's due, because the chocolate concoctions they make look insanely delicious. So if you need us, we'll be testing out this recipe from our new favorite YouTube cooking series with our favorite pair of dancing sibs. Check it out below!


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Dance Fashion

When Maddie Ziegler announced she was debuting a clothing line (in addition to casually writing a book, starring in more Sia videos and judging "SYTYCD" like it's #NBD), we knew it was obviously going to be adorable, because, duh—Maddie's constantly giving us outfit envy. Well, we hope your wallets are ready, because MaddieStyle is here, and all of it's going on your wish list. According to the website, they're going for a look that's "A little tomboy. A little girly. Effortless style and cozy fashion basics girls." Every piece is super-cute and (bonus!) can perfectly transition to dance class. Maddie's on the path to world domination, dressed to the nines while she's at it. Catch our favorite pieces below.

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