#4: The official routine was choreographed by Matt Steffanina (center)! (Courtesy American Dance Movement)

Did you hear the news, dance friends? National Dance Day has moved! Rather than falling at the end of July (as it has since 2010), going forward the holiday will be held on the third Saturday in September—September 21st this year. And that means you still have a little more than two weeks to plan your celebrations.

NDD 2019 promises to be bigger and better than ever. Here are five reasons to get hyped about our favorite holiday.

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Normal human pregnant lady: *reaches the 6-month mark, can only tolerate the stretchiest of stretchy pants, decides walking from the bed to the couch counts as exercise*

Superhuman pregnant dancer: *reaches the 6-month mark, still looks super-cute in crop tops, decides to co-choreograph and then ABSOLUTELY DOMINATE a ridiculously intense hip-hop routine*

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Dance Videos
Via @prettymuch on Instagram

We'd have to take it back to the days of *NSYNC to find a boy band with the dance skills to match their hit single, but all of that is about to change (finally!): Meet PRETTYMUCH. The five-guy group is made up of Brandon Arreaga, Austin Porter, Edwin Honoret, Zion Kuwonu, and Nick Mara, and following them on social media has shown they're bringing back boy-band dancing—and quite possibly better than ever before. With their catchy first single "Would You Mind" reaching the top 10 on Spotify's Viral 50, they're set to make their official performance debut on the Teen Choice Awards stage, August 13th.

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Dance News
Via YouTube, with permission from Matt Steffanina

Even if you've never been to L.A., you probably have a solid idea of what class at Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood is like. You can picture the vibrant red walls; you can feel the waves of dancers feeding off one another's explosive energy. Why? Because you—and millions of other dance fans—have watched countless class videos filmed at the center.

Class videos are a VIP pass, taking dancers and non-dancers alike inside the commercial world's hottest studios. And people are watching them obsessively, sharing them on platforms across the web, helping them rack up tens of millions of views. We turned to some of the industry's key players to find out more about what makes the class video format uniquely appealing.

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Dance News

Courtesy Steffanina

Hi everyone! Here's some happy news for those of you obsessed with Matt Steffanina (so, all of you): The A-list choreographer just rolled out a brand-new app, DNCR. And it is faaaaancy.

DNCR includes approximately 2,304,287 fantastic little features. But here's the one we think you'll be most excited about: Steffanina will be offering weekly dance video tutorials, beaming specific moves, snippets of choreo and even full-length classes right to your phone. You always wanted to take class with Matt, and now that is a very, very attainable goal. (Taylor Hatala not included, but hey—you can always print out a life-sized version of one of our cover photos to keep you company as you master Steffanina's moves.)

The home feed. Hi Matt!

What other goodies will you find on the app? Well, Steffanina will be writing daily blog posts about all things dance, fitness and music; hosting frequent Dance Challenges, in which he asks fans to choreograph 30 seconds of a particular song and awards prizes to his favorites; doing oodles of giveaways and contests; and launching a new line of clothing featuring his DNCR brand. And if you have a question for the man himself, you can ask him on the home feed, which is basically a big ol' chatroom.

That's just the tip of the iceberg, friends. Get the app here, and start exploring the gloriousness of Steffaninaworld.

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Cinematic Edge (courtesy Julie Stock)

It's hard to believe 11-year-old Bailey Sok considers herself a shy person, because her dancing is anything but. “When I perform, I love becoming the character. The acting aspect is what I enjoy most," she says. Bailey's sassy and fierce dancing gained the attention of choreographer Matt Steffanina, who has featured her in dozens of his high-energy, insanely popular videos on YouTube. She also participated in “America's Got Talent" as a member of the dance group Buns & Roses. When she's not busy training at Millennium Dance Complex and International Dance Academy in Hollywood, CA, where can you find her? “On the golf course! I've been playing since I was 5. It's challenging, but I love everything about it."

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Rising Stars

It's a pretty well-known fact that everything Matt Steffanina touches turns to gold. Well, he and his choreographic genius are at it again, this time with D-trix, to the tune of none other than Adele's "Hello." The result? Classic high-octane, jaw-dropping Steffanina. The vid is a short (but very sweet) 2:38 long, and this dynamic duo makes each second count—including some very LOL-worthy moments. Check it out below!

There's always some new #challenge happening on the Internet, and it's 10 times more fun when it's a dance #challenge! The latest craze is #HitTheQuanChallenge, to the iHeart Memphis track, "Hit the Quan." Choreo-genius Matt Steffanina created a high-energy piece and got some of our favorite big-time littles to perform: Gabe de Guzman, Bailey Sok, Sean Lew, Tati McQuay, and Kenneth San Jose. Is it the most dynamite dance, group and video combo ever? Probably. All we can do is watch and #bowdown. Check it out below:

I could spend hours watching dance videos, whether they're from recent classes or full-on performances. I think I’m just on YouTube to watch one clip–and next thing you know, I’m scrolling through the side bar.

After coming across Matt Steffanina’s videos, I’m officially obsessed with his choreography. But I'm even more obsessed with the tiny dancers who kill it in his adult classes. So. Much. Swag. Let's refresh our memories: There was Taylor Hatala, who aced the remix to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off", and then Bailey Sok and Kenneth San Jose, who dominated the choreo to Meek Mill's "Monster." All of them are under the age of 13, by the way.

Steffanina's latest video, set to Trey Songz' “Slow Motion," features one of our fave 8-year-olds, Aidan Prince. He dances alongside Sheaden Gabriel and Tahani Anderson. Point blank: They're naturals. Steffanina originally posted this video to his Facebook page and now it has over 4 million views. (He even gave each of the dancers a little shout out to say how proud he was. Precious.) Safe to say these little hip-hoppers will one day be big names in the dance world.

TINY Dancers KILL "Slow Motion" - Trey Songz | Matt Steffanina ChoreographyTINY Dancers KILL "Slow Motion" in Matt Steffanina's adult hip hop class!TUTORIAL: & INSTAGRAM: @MattSteffaninaChoreography by: Matt SteffaninaFilmed at IDA Hollywood (Los Angeles)This is the FIRST video that Tahani has been in and after training really hard in class this year she blew me away on this one!!! WOW, you are a little star young lady! And Aidan & Sheadan are amazing as always -- you have to watch this one 3 times so you can watch all of them! :)Twitter & Instagram: @MattSteffaninaWebsite: www.MattSteffanina.comBooking: MattSteffanina@gmail.comYouTube: youtube.com/MattSdanceTutorials: youtube.com/DanceTutorialsLIVE

Posted by Matt Steffanina on Sunday, July 5, 2015

Now that we're done collectively freaking out about the questionable pointework in Ciara's new video (YEEPS), let's celebrate two dancers who are absolute masters of their craft, shall we?

Meet Bailey and Kenneth!

I'm talking about Bailey Sok and Kenneth San Jose. The California-based young'uns—Kenneth is 12, and Bailey is just 11—have kind of unbelievable hip-hop skills. But you don't have to take my word for it. Watch this new video of them taking down a routine to Meek Mill's "Monster," choreographed by Matt Steffanina:

Bailey and Kenneth are part of a growing group of littles—including Charlize Glass, Sean Lew, Soni Bringas, Gabe De Guzman and Taylor Hatala, to name just a few—who seem to be taking over the hip-hop industry, thanks in part to their appearances in videos like this one. They are insanely good, you guys. And they have some impressive grown-up mentors, too. Steffania, the genius responsible for the choreography above, is the same guy who brought Taylor Hatala viral fame, for example, and nearly all the kids listed above are members of Will "WilldaBeast" Adams' fantastic LilBeasts crew.

Let's just say we're definitely not complaining about the trend. More on that in our April issue!

Hey guys! Remember Taylor Hatala, the 11-year-old Canadian sensation who broke the internet a couple months back with her performance of a routine to Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda"? Well, Taylor's back.

Actually, Taylor never left. But now those of us outside Edmonton, Alberta, where she studies at KORE Dance Studio, have yet another way to enjoy her amazingness.

Choreographer Matt Steffanina just posted a video of Taylor nailing his routine to a remix of TSwift's ubiquitous "Shake It Off," and it is the thing that is going to get you through this dreary Tuesday. (Think you're over "Shake It Off"? Let the OTHER adorable and fantastically talented Taylor prove to you that you're not.)




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