Karen y Ricardo and their oh-so-casual wall of fire. (Screenshot via YouTube)

Y'all, it's been a long 12 weeks. But at long last, "World of Dance" has made it to the Cuts—and it's every bit as intense as we were expecting. (I'm talking dancers advancing by razor thin margins.) There's a lot to unpack from last night's episode, so let's get into it.

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You're looking swell, Taylor Hatala and Josh Beauchamp. (screenshot via YouTube)

In the wonderful world of reality-TV dance competitions, there's perhaps nothing so wonderful as a comeback kid—the artist who, having danced their way to an elimination on a past season, is brave and passionate enough to return to that very same stage and prove their skill once again. And last night, we got the chance to see two past "World of Dance" fan favorites return to fight (or, um, dance) it out one more time and earn their chance at redemption.

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Question: When does Sophia Lucia have time to sleep? Everyone's favorite comp-star-turned-bunhead seems to be diving headfirst into a new project every week. We absolutely #bowdown to everything she does, and her latest project is no exception. Behold: "Unscathed," a new dance series on Sophia's YouTube channel.

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While those of us in the States are busy counting down the days until the eleventh season of the American "So You think You Can Dance" begins (May 28!), "SYTYCD" Australia is already in full swing. And based on this video of contestant Michael Dameski, there are some amazing things happening down in Oz.

You know that old debate about whether dancers are athletes? Michael's unbelievable dance-for-your-life solo pretty much definitively proves that they are. There's a right way and a wrong way to incorporate athletic acro into a dance routine, and his performance epitomizes the right way. Yes, his tricks are spectacular, but they're also musical, clean, and dramatically effective. Forget flips for flips' sake—these flips say something. (Namely, "Don't send me home, judges!")

The tour de force performance earned Michael a huge standing O. Take a look! (Bonus fun fact: Michael played the title role in Billy Elliot on Broadway back in 2009.)

Michael Dameski - Winner www.youtube.com

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