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You guys. A lot happened at the VMAs last night. A LOT.

We still can't feel our faces after all that a-lot-ness. So rather than trying to wax eloquent about the proceedings, we're going to run down the highlights in photo and/or GIF form. Which is really more in keeping with the MTV spirit of things anyway, amirite?

Miley Cyrus wore no fewer than 10 very Miley outfits.

These being the three most tame. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

She also danced with a fabulous collection of drag queens, burlesque performers and trans activists.

Nicki Minaj brought us crazy Carnival chic...

...made up with Taylor Swift...

...and beefed with Miley.

Justin Bieber showed us he's still got it...

...went flying...

(Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

...and started crying.

Nick Jonas partied with some Moonman-lookalike backup dancers.

The Weeknd basically burned the place down.

Taylor and her posse loved it.

But NOBODY loved it as much as Kanye.

While accepting his Video Vanguard Award, Kanye also made a big announcement.

NappyTabs didn't win for Best Choreography, but they did look absolutely fabulous...

(via @Nappytabs)

...and they brought along little London, which automatically wins them everything.

(via @Nappytabs)

Happy VMAs, friends. We're gonna go take a nap now.

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Here's an exciting opportunity for dancers 18 and up!

Zodiak USA and MTV have a new competition show in the works called "Beyond Dance." They haven't released too many details yet, but they promise to be the "most intense, creative dance competition to date." Suppose we'll just have to wait and see.

Right now, they're looking for solo dancers who are extreme, cutting edge and versatile. Any style is welcome, but it seems like they're really looking for that "wow factor."

And here's the real kicker: Dancers who make it onto the show get to be mentored by world renowned choreographers/directors/producers Rich and Tone Talauega. Their stacked resume includes Step Up 3D, Battle of the Year: The Dream Team, Bring It On Yet Again, Save the Last Dance...Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Lopez, Pink...Emmy nominations, MTV award nominations, commercials...

Just watch this video reel and you'll get the idea. I promise.

To apply, send a short video clip(s) of your best moves to, along with your name, age, city, email and phone number. Or you can apply by filling out the form at

Best of luck to all who apply!

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Via @1triciamiranda

We don't usually turn to for dance coverage, but we have to give them snaps for their fantastic new profile of the untouchable Tricia Miranda. You're obsessed with her, we're obsessed with her, and now a bunch of sports fans who might otherwise never have known her name are obsessed with her. Basically, she's one step closer to world domination. (It's only a matter of time.)

You already know some of the story told in the ESPN profile—Miranda's career as a dancer, her work with industry heavy-hitters, the viral success of her can't-look-away class videos—but the piece also includes many other choice nuggets. Did you know that Miranda decided to transition from dancing to choreographing full-time after an especially trying experience filming Britney Spears' "Circus" video? "My knees were bleeding from doing ground work in the gravel, and I was just starting to feel over it," Miranda told ESPN. "It's not fair to take a spot from a hungry dancer who deserves to be there just to get a check. I'm not that person, that's not for me." We also learn that Missy Elliot actually got on the phone herself to ask Miranda to choreograph that epic Super Bowl performance: "Missy called me personally and was like, 'Listen ... I need four kids in my show and I don't trust nobody else to work with children but you'," Miranda said. NBD.

Most intriguing of all is the info we get about Miranda's upcoming MTV series, "Going Off," which is set to premiere in January. Apparently each episode will feature Miranda leading a class full of dance-world A-listers—and booking one of them for a job at the end of the session. "A bootcamp for industry dancers is kind of what it looks like," she told ESPN. Color us verrrrrry intrigued.

Read the whole profile here—and then take a little #TBT walk down memory lane with these classic Tricia Miranda vids. (Heads-up: Some of them include dirty lyrics. Proceed with school/studio-appropriate caution.)

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Season 8 of MTV's "America's Best Dance Crew" is finally (almost) here, premiering on Wednesday, July 29 at 11:00 PM. We hyped it up earlier this year, and now we've got the deets: the season will feature six "Video Music Award"-themed episodes. This new twist on our old favorite means that each week the all-star crews will focus on choreographing routines inspired by MTV's "VMAs"--think award-show dance routines, super catchy songs and lots and lots of wow-factor.

#throwback to the Season 7 finale (photo via MTV)

Five previous champions are returning: Super Cr3W (Season 2), Quest Crew (Season 3), We Are Heroes (Season 4), I.aM.mE (Season 6) and Elektrolytes (Season 7). And more exciting is that the new crew, Kinjaz, is made up of members from sSeason 1 champs Jabbawockeez and Season 1 fan-faves Kaba Modern). And more awesome is the list of judges: hip-hop superstar T-Pain, recording artist Teyana Taylor and TV/Broadway star Frankie Grande.

Members of the Jabbawockeez reminding us why we fell in love with ABDC from day one (photo via Jabbawockeez YouTube)

Clearly it's going to be an insane season with some mind-blowing dancing, and the whole "Road to the VMAs" theme will definitely add some drama to the mix. Which crew are you calling an early favorite? Tell us in the comments section below!

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Ain't no party like a Beyoncé party, 'cause a Beyoncé party don't this case, literally, for 24 hours.

What am I talking about? (Besides my daily life, which basically is a never-ending Beyoncé party lbh?) I'm talking about MTV's attempt to set the Guinness World Record for Longest Dance Relay Marathon, which is happening right now as part of the channel's Break the Record week. MTV's goal is to keep people dancing in Times Square, NYC, for 24 solid hours. Obviously, Beyoncé is the best dancing music ever, so they're only playing Beyoncé songs. Hence, #Beyoncethon.

The event, hosted by Todrick Hall, started last night at 11 pm and will continue through 11 pm tonight.

"But Margaret," you're saying, "I live in Pittsburgh/Des Moines/Sacramento and can't get to Times Square today, wahhhhhh!"


And what I mean by that is, there are a few different ways for non-New Yorkers to get involved. If you just want to keep an eye on the proceedings and possibly join in from your living room every time "Partition" comes on (yaaaas), check out the #Beyoncethon livestream right here. (It's also a live picture-in-picture on MTV all day today.)

Get More:

MTV Shows


Those of you feeling slightly more ambitious can share videos of your best Bey moves on Twitter, Instagram and Vine using the #Beyoncethon hashtag. If the spirit of the Queen is truly in you, your video might be featured on air.


(GIFs via

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We bid farewell to "America's Best Dance Crew" back in 2012, when MTV canceled the show after just seven glorious seasons. But this Saturday, the network announced that "ABDC" will rise from the ashes for an eighth season this summer. Hip-hop #nerdz rejoice!

After all, it's the show that introduced us to the JabbaWockeeZ (and, of course, Little Babywockee)...

...Super Cr3w...

...Quest Crew...

...We Are Heroes...


...I aM Me...

...and the Elektrolytes.

They haven't released too many details yet, but here's what we know: There will be at least six episodes, and the judges panel will feature all-new experts. But the best part? MTV promises to bring back some of our fave crews from past seasons. Which alumni crews would you like to see? Let us know in the comments, then check out this #throwback video of Season 7 winners, the Elektrolytes.

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Every time Beyoncé walks out onto a stage, the universe lurches (or maybe that's just me falling over, because I literally cannot handle her). At the MTV Video Music Awards, Bey was presented with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, which commends the work of artists with groundbreaking music videos. (She's joining the ranks of such visionaries as David Bowie and Madonna.) We all know that the video component to Beyoncé's 2013 self-titled album was nothing short of brilliant. It's great to see the entire scope of her artistry get the recognition it deserves.

That said, a live Beyoncé performance is the pretty much the greatest thing ever, and the VMAs were no exception. It wasn't her most dance-y show (though we spotted Les Twins, and her other dancers certainly didn't disappoint)—it was more about her ability to radiate raw, pop-diva power while still coming across as a humble person. Check out all her flawlessness below.


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On a scale of 1 to 10, how obsessed are you with Ariana Grande's irresistible song "Problem"? 50? 2,000? Yup, I thought so. It's ridiculously catchy—not to mention danceable. (Shades of Macklemore and J. Lo, am I right?)

You know you're already dancing around to it. So why not enter MTV's latest contest, which asks fans to submit a video showing off their best "Problem" choreography? Winners apparently get a chance to be on MTV and a "special prize" from Ariana herself—not too shabby.

Just enter your video (which needs to be at least 30 seconds long) via MTV's Facebook page, using the hashtag #DancingWithAriana. The contest ends June 4, so get dancing! And if you need a little inspiration, watch Ariana's slickly choreographed performance of the song from last night's "Dancing with the Stars" finale:


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