There are few things we love more than adorable dance couples, especially when one-half of that couple is our very own 2016 Cover Model Search winner, Briar Nolet. She and her boyfriend Myles Erlick, known to fans everywhere as "Bryles" (<3), aren't just the cutest couple—they're easily the most talented (take, for example, their last sizzling collab). It's no surprise, then, that the duo's newest video is out-of-control amazing.

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Here at the DS offices, our Bieber-fever's still piping hot. And thanks to Myles Erlick (who plays Billy Elliot on Broadway) and Briar Nolet, it's probably gonna stay that way for a while. In this new vid choreographed by Isaac Lupien, the duo dances their way through some pretty heavy stuff. It's moody, intense, well-danced and raw.

#Werrrkkk girl. (Screenshot via YouTube)

Briar's character is clearly pissed at Myles', and probably for good reason (hence the shoving-the-iPhone-in-his-face scene). Their acting is spot-on and super believable, all the way up to the gasp-worthy last scene. "Sorry" is also the perfect soundtrack—its classic Bieber beat and deep lyrics complete the whole production.

Ugh we feel you, girl. (Screenshot via YouTube)

We could talk all day about how gorgeous the whole vid is (seriously, A+ lighting, dancing and drama skills), but you should really just watch for yourself below. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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