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David Hallberg in Nike (via

Slow clap, Nike.

Following in the footsteps of Under Armour (whose spots featuring Misty Copeland are now the stuff of ad-world legend) and Jockey (whose latest ads highlight Michaela DePrince), Nike has debuted a campaign starring one Mr. David Hallberg.

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We've been captivated by former cover star Michaela DePrince since her teenage days, when she was starring in First Position and turning heads at The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at American Ballet Theatre. (She was featured in our You Should Know column way back in 2012!).

These days, she's all grown up and shining at the Dutch National Ballet.

She's also been doing super-stunning collabs with major brands, NBD. Case in point: the vid below, which features DePrince dancing in some seriously cool Air VaporMax Nikes in a commercial shot for Vogue Nederland.

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Former cover star Kaycee Rice can do no wrong. Her pint-size dancing is pure magic. Every single show or video she appears in instantly becomes a must-watch. So it's no surprise that her latest projecta Nike campaign videois 🔥🔥, as well.

The video, part of the company's Young Athletes "The Coolest Tights" campaign, is a minute and a half of Kaycee just doing what Kaycee does best: Dancing solo, and whipping out the coolest tricks and stellar moves, like layouts and lots of pirouettes.

Check it out for yourself below. And get ready to have an awesome Monday with all of that newfound motivation. 💪

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And now for something completely different: Check out the "Arc Angel," a project by design student Guercy Eugene that re-imagines the pointe shoe. It doesn't look like it's actually in production yet (or affiliated with Nike), but it's a fascinating idea: a sort of half pointe shoe complete with an athletic tread sole and an elastic exercise band that wraps around the foot to prevent sickling. Theoretically its sneaker-y materials make it more durable than traditional shoes, too.

In other words: It's definitely not your grandmother's pointe shoe. And I'm not quite sure how it'd work in reality. But it does look pretty cool. What do you think? Would you try it out?


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