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Fact: Mondays are the worst.

And we have two options for dealing with them:

1) The "fresh start" approach: Jump out of bed, grab your morning coffee, dance around the kitchen like you're invincible and then have a super productive day...kinda like Wayne Brady in this old Coffee-Mate commercial:

2) The "poor me" approach: Wallow in self-pity, and give yourself special treatment, like extra treats (chocolate for breakfast?) and periodic procrastination breaks (YouTube?).

After searching "dancing animals" on YouTube, I chose option 2...

Disclaimer: If you would like to have a productive Monday, stop reading now. But...if you would like to join me on the dark side, here are some adorable dancing animal videos for your viewing pleasure.

This French Bulldog shows off his Floorio:

They probably should've booked this b-boy gorilla for Step Up 5:

This cockatoo's about ready for STOMP:

And Stewart could be the next hot pro on "Dancing with the Stars":

What a week for dance and science, eh? A few days ago we told you about scientists using dancers to "bodystorm." Now there's this: While most previously thought that only humans had moves, scientists recently found evidence that no fewer than 15 species of animals can dance. And we're not talking about the elaborate but robotic courtship "dances" done by certain birds. This is moving to and with music, the way humans do.

The study was inspired by Snowball, the cockatoo who exploded the internets when he rocked out to the Backstreet Boys, clearly grooving with the beat. Neuroscientist Aniruddh D. Patel even conducted an experiment with Snowball to prove that he'd speed up or slow down his dancing to match various tempi. Then a second group of researchers canvassed YouTube, where they found the other movers and shakers of the animal kingdom.

So, full disclosure: 14 of the 15 dancing species are parrot varieties. (The outlier, interestingly, is an Asian elephant!) But we're going to use a little artistic license here and present a slideshow of adorable non-parrot animals "dancing." Because it's Monday, and everyone could use a little cheering up, and OH FER CUTE.


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