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Are your moves smooth and sexy like Chloé Arnold's tapping Syncopated Ladies, or is your dancing bubblegum sweet like the girls of Suga N Spice? Behold, the answer:

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We never get bored watching the fierce and fabulous ladies of Brian Friedman's Suga N Spice crew. In their latest video, to "Hit the Gas" by Raven Felix, Amanda Kinert, Sarah Kinert, Trinity Inay, Amy Magsam, Taylor Knight, Leah Roga, Taylor Hatala, Larsen Thompson, Soraia Esteves and Kerrynton Jones hit it hard. This one is definitely more spicy than sweet.

Usually we try to give you a moment of Zen on Fridays, but this video, directed by Ryan Parma and choreographed by Robert Green, has us feeling psyched for the weekend. Enjoy!


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You knew the lovely ladies of the Suga N Spice Crew were amazing. But did you know they were SUPER?

In their latest too-cute-for-words video, the Suga N Spice girls give us an epic dance adventure set to the DC Super Hero Girls theme song, "Get Your Cape On." And Tricia Miranda's ever-fierce choreography transforms each crew member into a different caped crusader. (Taylor Hatala makes the world's most adorable Batgirl, and flame-haired Larsen Thompson as Poison Ivy? It's almost too perfect.) Directed by Brian Friedman and David Moore, the vid is proof that the best way to get over romantic disappointment (what real-life dude would reject Larsen??) is to throw a dance party with your team of superfriends. Obviously.

Enjoy! And if you're a fan of Fraternal Twins Taylor and Larsen, let's just say you'll <3 our May/June issue. Click here to make sure there's a copy heading your way!

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So, what's new with the Suga N Spice crew? The group's fantabulous young ladies—that'd be Amanda Kinert, Taylor Knight, Trinity Inay, Sarah Kinert, Larsen Thompson, Leah Roga, Amy Magsam, Soraia Esteves and Taylor Hatala—have been on a roll since their crew debut just a few months ago. I'm guessing you're already obsessed with their video to Fifth Harmony's "BO$$" (bonus: watch this "BO$$" rehearsal clip from co-choreographer Brian Friedman, which proves the girls don't need high production values to look FIERCE), and you probably also saw them take over the DanceOn headquarters.

But last night, Suga N Spice reached a new milestone: its first network television appearance! The crew appeared on "America's Got Talent" and (least spoiler-y SPOILER ALERT possible) was quickly sent through to the second round of competition.

Cuties! (via @sugarandspicecrew on Instagram)

"AGT" hasn't made video of the whole performance available, but as you can see in this clip, the group apparently inspired some serious head-bobbing in the judges:

Think you can't love these girls any more than you already do? Think again, my friends: It turns out the crew's members, friends and family got together in Phoenix for their very own "AGT" viewing party last night. And luckily for us, that cuteness was documented by a local news station:

12 News coverage of the viewing party tonight in Phoenix with Ruby, Vi, Razz and Pixie!

Posted by Suga N Spice Crew on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

You know that saying: "Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of"? Well, here at Dance Spirit, we're all about being nice, but we know girls are made of a lot more than just that.

Fortunately, we have the hip-hop queens of the recently debuted Suga N Spice crew to show us what else girls are about. As it turns out (no surprises here), when you bring together phenoms like Taylor Hatala, Larsen Thompson, Taylor Knight and other talented hip-hoppers like Amanda Kinert, Sarah Kinert, Trinity Inay, Amy Magsam, Leah Roga and Soraia Esteves, you get a new crew that sets the bar sky-high.

A few of the girls were in class together in Arizona, and decided to pool their talents to help share their love of hip hop. As we like to say, the more (fierce hip-hop girls) the merrier. Since we've talked and talked about all the littles completely dominating the industry right now, I'll just let their dancing speak for itself.

Check out Suga N Spice dancing to Fifth Harmony's "BO$$," with choreography by Robert Green, Dominique Battiste and Brian Friedman. #girlpower!



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