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We just couldn't let the year end without giving one final shout out to Ellen Degeneres. Basically, she wins 2013. (But, let's be honest, she pretty much wins every year.) One of the biggest non-dancers-in-support-of-dancers, Ellen's shows are constantly bringing up-and-comers to the spotlight. Ellen, on behalf of dancers and dance lovers everywhere, we love you.

To celebrate her greatness, here are a few of our favorite, dance-tastic Ellen moments from this year:

When this three-year-old cutie nailed Beyoncé's dance moves, twice. (She's almost as good as our May/June 2013 cover stars.):

When this 4-year-old animator got to meet his idol, Cyrus Spencer:

When the "So You Think You Can Dance" All-Stars performed:

When tWitch got all Saturday Night Fever for Halloween:

When tWitch was The Fox:

When Ellen inspired us all by bringing out one-legged tapper, Evan Ruggiero:

And then inspired us again by introducing us to Lazylegz:

Finally, in her latest act of greatness, when Ellen starred in this trailer (choreographed by tWitch) for the 2014 Oscars:

Here's to another Ellen-filled year!

Dance News

Welcome to Sunday Funday, where it's perfectly acceptable to hang in your coziest sweats on the couch all day, watching bad TV and eating ice cream straight from the carton.

And I've got the perfect special something to entertain you on this gorgeous day...

If your Facebook news feed looks anything like mine, you've already seen this video. It's among the latest viral sensations and it's clear why.

This video is hysterical, ridiculous and come's darn catchy and you know it. Plus, there's dancing! Real, legitimate, choreographed dancing!

In case you missed out, here's something to occupy you for the next few minutes...or days:

The elephant is my favorite. (He goes toot.) What's yours?


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