Larsen Thompson and Taylor Hatala—better known as The Fraternal Twins—brought their trademark face and fierceness to their cover shoot. The result? A day filled with some crazy moves, lots of laughs and major moments. Check it out below.

Dancer to Dancer
Jayme Thornton

How did hip-hop prodigies Taylor Hatala and Larsen Thompson become the “Fraternal Twins"? Well, let's see: Both are rising stars on the commercial scene, booking coveted gig after coveted gig. Both are members of Will “WilldaBeast" Adams' immaBEAST crew and Brian Friedman's Suga N Spice crew. Both dominate in Janelle Ginestra's crazy-popular YouTube videos. Both are known for giving profoundly, overwhelmingly impressive stank face.

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Everyone's favorite "Fraternal Twins," Taylor Hatala and Larsen Thompson, have basically reached Beyoncé status. It seems like only a few days ago that we were raving about "City Ghouls"—oh wait, it literally was a few days ago. And now, they've appeared in their second killer vid this week: Janelle Ginestra's high-energy choreo to Jayceeoh's "Turn Me Up Some." Her high-energy concept is classic Larsen and Taylor—quick, dynamic and bold. But we'd expect nothing less from these supergirls. Sidenote: Larsen's #HairFlip game is on point. Check it out below!


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