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The Top 4 in Travis Wall and Christopher Scott's group routine (Adam Rose/FOX)

Koine. Kiki. Lex. Taylor. Welcome to the fight to the finale!

On last night's show—the last one before the last one—the Top 4 performed roughly one million times, including an opening number, a group routine, a solo, an All Star duet (a favorite from earlier in the season), and a routine paired with a fellow contestant. And best of all: No one went home! (Yet.) Here's a rundown of all the good stuff.

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Tonight's the night! In just a few short hours, we'll know who "So You Think You Can Dance" Season 10 will crown America's Favorite Dancers. Will it be Fik-Shun and Amy (Am-Shun)? Aaron and Jasmine (Aarmine)? Fik-Shun and Jasmine (Fik-mine)? Aaron and Amy (um...Aamy)? AHH WE CAN'T WAIT.

The best part, of course, is that the two winners will be on the December cover of Dance Spirit. (In fact, our trusty editor in chief and art director are en route to L.A. for the shoot as we speak.)

To tide you over while you wait for 8 pm EST to roll around, we thought we'd put together a little gallery of all our "SYTYCD" champion covers. It's kind of crazy to think we've been doing this for four years now, right? Memories!

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