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Let's talk about victory dances for a moment, shall we? They've gotten such a bad rap recently. These days, NFL players can actually be fined for excessive end-zone celebrating. A victory dancer is pretty much universally perceived as a jerk.

But let's be honest: One of the real reasons the world dislikes those who celebrate by shakin' it is because most people who do so are BAD DANCERS. If everyone in the NFL could move like Victor Cruz, maybe refs would be less quick to enforce that celebration rule, amirite?

PlayStation recently started a campaign to bring back the victory dance. And to convince the world of its awesomeness, they've brought in some of the world's greatest dancers: members of New York City Ballet.

Six new PlayStation ads feature NYCBers reenacting scenes from video games. Things start out nice and classical—but move into more booty-centric territory once goals are scored or players tackled. (Craig Hall can GET DOWN, you guys.)

Want to get in on the action? Share your own victory dance on Instagram using the hashtag #PS4dancecontest. The best dancers will win PS4s of their own.

Happy Friday!

As the girlfriend of a football-loving dude, I've spent many an uncomfortable Sunday afternoon watching big guys in serious padding beat up on each other. (To be fair, the dude has also spent many an uncomfortable Friday evening watching tiny girls in serious tutus pirouette around each other, so.) But maybe NFL showdowns aren't as far out of my comfort zone as I thought. These days, the right football game can almost qualify as a dance event.

Yes, the intricate plays these NFL teams are running are a kind of choreography. And many of the players do take ballet classes to improve their grace and agility. But that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the celebratory dances.

In the end zone or after a sack, football players seem to be breakin' it down more than ever these days. Take, for example, the Steelers' Ziggy Hood, who lived up to his made-for-dancing name after sacking Eagles quarterback Michael Vick yesterday:

And then, of course, there's the Giants' Victor Cruz, who celebrated each of his three touchdowns against the Browns yesterday with his trademark salsa (a tribute to his grandmother):

Cruz, by the way, is apparently considering adding some even spicier moves to his salsa routine. “Stay tuned,” he said after the game. “I am not quite ready to let the cat out the bag, but there might be a little something.” Maybe I can review his new and improved choreography after the Giants' next game?

Anyway: The point is, these guys make football more fun to watch. And on that note, I'll leave you with this compilation of some of the best, and wackiest, gridiron dancers. Enjoy!

I'm a serious Patriots fan. For real, you guys. I love Tom Brady, and not just because he's beautiful. I follow Chad Ochocinco on Twitter, and not just because he was on "Dancing with the Stars." I've only ever attended football games at Gillette Stadium, the Patriots' home. (OK, maybe I've only ever been to one football game, but still.)

So why am I hoping that the Giants' Victor Cruz scores a touchdown this Sunday? Here's why:

(Um, by the way—apparently Cruz's salsa moves have inspired Madonna, whose halftime act I am now even more eagerly anticipating.)

Happy Superbowl weekend, everyone!


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