When Taylor Swift and Beyoncé Dance to JT

Taylor Swift had a heck of a birthday weekend.

Everybody's bestie turned 25 on Saturday. She celebrated by partying with Justin Timberlake, Emma Roberts, Ansel Elgort, Karlie Kloss, Sam Smith and—ahem—Jay-Z and Beyoncé. (As one does, when one is Taylor Swift.) The Instagram documentation of said party is, unsurprisingly, epic.

So this is being 25..... #WHAT #bestbirthdayEVER

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But things only got more epic the following night, when Taylor traipsed out to Brooklyn for JT's concert. Tay-Tay and Bey-Bey apparently did some serious bonding at the birthday party, because the two of them were adorably chummy for the entire show. Eventually—inevitably—Jay-Z got up onstage with Justin for "Holy Grail." And THEN THIS HAPPENED:

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Yes. That is Taylor Swift. Dancing with Beyoncé. At a JT/Jay-Z concert. In real life.

There are no words, except: Happy birthday, Taylor. Thank you for giving this priceless gift to the world.

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