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Photo by Lindsay Thomas

Ashton Edwards Is Breaking Down Gender Barriers in Ballet

When Ashton Edwards was 3 years old, the Edwards family went to see a holiday production of The Nutcracker in their hometown, Flint, MI.

For the young child, it was love at first sight.

"I saw a beautiful, black Clara," Ashton says, "and I wanted to be just like her."

Ashton has dedicated 14 years of ballet training in pursuit of that childhood dream. But all the technical prowess in the world can't help Ashton surmount the biggest hurdle—this aspiring dancer was assigned male at birth, and for the vast majority of boys and men, performing in pointe shoes hasn't been a career option. But Ashton Edwards, who uses the pronouns "he" and "they," says it's high time to break down ballet's gender barrier, and their teachers and mentors believe this passionate dancer is just the person to lead the charge.

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Photo by Joe Pinchin, courtesy of Chicago Bulls

Chicago Luvabulls Coach Toya Ambrose Shares Tips for Making Your Dream Team

"Just be yourself." These three words became something of an in-car mantra for Toya Ambrose as she prepared to walk into her first audition in more than a few years. The role? Head coach of the Chicago Luvabulls, the official dance team of the Chicago Bulls.

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Getty Images

What Your Favorite Fall Beverage Says About You as a Dancer

Autumn is here, and we'd like nothing more than to curl up with a warm drink after a long day of class or rehearsal. But what are you choosing to fill your cup? Here's what your fall beverage pick says about you as a dancer.

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