The 6 Toxic Girls at Every Audition

It’s summer-intensive audition season, and you’re ready to go. You’ve got your head shots, your dance shots and your resumé prepped and polished. You’re in the best physical shape of your life—you’ve been nailing your turns, and your leaps have never been higher. You’re cool, confident and totally collected.

But once you get to the audition room, odds are you’ll be surrounded by fellow summer-study hopefuls who are, frankly, a little obnoxious—and even downright distracting. Here’s who to look out for and how to maintain your A-game.

1. The girl fighting for the front-and-center spot:

How to spot her: She’s got her elbows out, and she’s gunning for the prime location in the room.

Why she can knock you off your game: You fear all eyes will be on her throughout the audition, since she’s taking up all the “good space.”

How not to let her get under your skin: Maybe she’s taking up quality real estate, but the teachers and judges know to observe the entire room and check out every dancer. Be sure to stay far away from this one—otherwise you risk getting an elbow to your gut during petit allégro. “Stake out a spot in the front, but to the side,” suggests Broadway veteran Amanda LaVergne. “You get the perks of being in the front row with coveted mirror space, but you’ll have more wiggle room.”

2. The intimidation stretcher:

How to spot her: Before the audition even starts, she’s practicing her latest contortion tricks with that oh-so-casual look that says, “Yup, I do this before every class.”

Why she can knock you off your game: She’s flexible, and she’s giving herself one heck of a warm-up—making you question your own bendiness and whether you’ve prepped your body enough for what’s ahead.

How not to let her get under your skin: No one is going to get admitted to a summer intensive based on flexibility alone. “Everyone has strengths,” LaVergne says. “You don’t know what the girl with the elastic legs can do besides stretch, so refocus on yourself. Are you a fierce turner? Can you leap over the width of Broadway? Let them see what you’re working with.”

3. The girl in the know:

How to spot her: The teachers greet her by her first name, and she constantly name-drops during casual conversations with fellow auditionees.

Why she can knock you off your game: The important people already know her! Obviously being besties with the faculty gives her a leg up on the competition.

How not to let her get under your skin: You know what’s even more fun than showing off for someone you already know? Showing off for someone you’ve never met—and blowing them away. Go do that. And remember that all relationships have a starting point, so make this yours: “Say hello, lay the groundwork and leave a lasting impression,” LaVergne advises.

4. The one with the dance mom:

How to spot her: Just listen. You’ll hear them.

Why she can knock you off your game: You came alone and this girl has a built-in, if overbearing, support system. Her mom is giving her all kinds of direction, but you’re flying solo, suddenly feeling lonely and insecure.

How not to let her get under your skin: Her mom can’t audition for her. If anything, having an overly pushy dance mom will probably hurt an auditionee. The people running the intensive don’t want to have to deal with mom all summer! Plus, showing up solo demonstrates maturity and responsibility. “Put in your headphones and breathe deeply,” LaVergne says. “You don’t need an entourage to shine.”

5. The screwer-upper:

How to spot her: You can’t not spot her—she’s the one who’s constantly off the beat or making mistakes.

Why she can knock you off your game: You’re trying to do everything correctly, and she’s distracting you. Plus, she’s making you question your own timing and ability to pick up the choreography.

How not to let her get under your skin: It’s all about mental focus. “It’s your audition,” LaVergne says. “Move around the room, find a new spot and regroup. Have a mantra to pull yourself out of the funk this girl may have put you in. My favorite is ‘I’m worth it.’ ” Concentrate on the moves you’re doing, keep counting in your head and try not to get thrown off by your peripheral vision or what you’re seeing in the mirror.

6. The over-emoter:

How to spot her: She’s breathing and sighing loudly and hamming it up big-time for her

audience. Her every movement comes with a full-bodied exhale and a general outpouring of her soul.

Why she can knock you off your game: You remember teachers telling you to “use your breath” and emote, and this girl’s over-the-top take makes you question whether you’re doing enough. Plus, the heavy sighing can get in the way when you’re trying to listen to the music.

How not to let her get under your skin: Excessive emotion is often used as a cover-up for bad dancing, and teachers and judges know that. Don’t feel pressured to amp up your performance to match this girl’s. Stick with what feels good to you, and remember that being yourself—being natural!—is much more important.

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