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#QuadGoals: The Best Ways to Strengthen and Stretch Your Quads

Strong, stable, sufficiently stretched quads are the secret ingredient to everything from straighter knees to fully extended arabesques. But what are the most effective ways to get them? Dance Spirit turned to Michael Gernold, a personal trainer with Progressive Personal Training in NYC, for a crash course on lengthening and strengthening your quads.

Photos by Erin Baiano. Modeled by Shannon Mcavoy.

1. Start standing with your legs shoulder-width apart.

Standing Active Hamstring Stretch

This move targets the hamstrings, which won't be fully stretched until your quads are activated.

1. Start standing with your legs shoulder-width apart.

Double Lunges

This variation on a standard lunge helps strengthen your quads by using your own body weight as resistance.

1. Start by stepping with your left leg into a large forward lunge, keeping your right leg behind you, your right knee bent and just above the floor, and your core fully engaged.

Wall Sits with a Twist

This move engages and strengthens your core and entire lower body (quads, hamstrings, and glutes) at once.

1. Start standing with your back against a stable, sturdy wall, with your legs shoulder-width apart and your toes pointed forward.

A version of this story appeared in the June/July 2018 issue of Dance Spirit with the title "Quad Goals."

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