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The Nine Enneagram Types as Dancers

The Enneagram, a set of nine basic personality types, is a pretty hot topic these days. There are tons of different tests you can take to find out your Enneagram number—but what do your results mean in dance terms? We've broken down the 9 Enneagram types into dancer categories you can definitely relate to.

Type One: The Dance Teacher

Type One dancers loves to help others. They're rational, principled and purposeful—so of course, they make excellent dance teachers!

Type Two: The First Friend


If you're new at your dance studio, the first dancer to approach you will probably be a Type Two. Type Two dancers are true team players, who want to make sure everyone at the studio—especially newcomers—feels welcomed, appreciated, and seen.

Type Three: The Star Performer


Type Three dancers are in it to win it. Ambitious, energetic, and hardworking, their goal is to be the star of the studio, and for other dancers to see them as a role model. Type Three dancers can be pretty hard on themselves if they make a mistake onstage, but only because they're perfectionists.

Type Four: The Choreographer


Creative, emotional, and a bit moody, Type Four dancers likely spend a lot of time improv-ing to Billie Eilish in the kitchen. Type Fours may be a little shier than others, but they're also amazing at expressing their feelings and telling a story through their movement.

Type Five: The Dance Nerd


Type Five dancers breathe, eat, and sleep dance. Whether they're studying anatomy or watching dance history documentaries, Type Fives want to learn as much as they can about their craft in order to improve. Forgot any of the choreography for the routine you learned last week? A Type Five will definitely be the best dancer to ask for help.

Type Six: The Understudy


Every team needs some solid Type Six dancers, loyal teammates who don't always need to be front and center. Type Six dancers make great understudies, because they're responsible, trust-worthy, and want to cooperate with the rest of the group.

Type Seven: The Quintuple Threat


Type Seven dancers are likely also singers, actors, cheerleaders, musicians, and more. Playful and outgoing, Seven's are super fun to have around the studio—even if they're running off to their next activity immediately after class.

Type Eight: The Dance Captain


When the teacher's not around, Type Eight dancers can be trusted to keep rehearsals running. They tend to be confident, decisive, and up-front, which makes them the best at drilling and cleaning dances before a big performance.

Type Nine: The Studio Sweetheart


Type Nine dancers are everybody's best friend. If there's ever a conflict at the studio, these dancers are the first to help smooth things over. Nines are also good at calming pre-performance jitters, since they're naturally peaceful and easygoing.

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