This Stunning Photo Series Perfectly Captures the Magic of Performing

An image from "Nocturnes" (Photo by Luc Kordas Photography)

If there's one thing all dancers can agree on, it's the indescribable thrill of that pre-performance feeling. You know the one I'm talking about: a sudden rush of pure adrenaline, a stomach full of butterflies, and an overwhelming sense of calm, all mixed together. That feeling is ever-present in "Nocturnes," a beautiful series of images shot by photographer Luc Kordas.

Kordas followed around NYC-based troupe, FJK Dance, during rehearsals and performances. The resulting shots are brimming with all the dance feels, from last-minute rosin applications, to those private, in-the-wings moments right before taking the stage. Below, we've selected a bunch of our favorites—check them out, and catch the entire portfolio here!

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