Congrats to Our #TurnWithDanceSpirit Contest Winners!

Photos by Erin Baiano

Thanks to everyone who 🌀🌀🌀-ed like crazy for our #TurnWithDanceSpirit contest! We were SUPER impressed with your submissions—you guys do not mess around when you're turning 'round. (And you really, really like to pirouette to Taylor Swift, which made us extra happy.)

So, who gave us serious #turnspiration?

The WINNER of #TurnWithDanceSpirit (and the proud new owner of a turning board from Harlequin Floors) is...

...MADELINE UNDERWOOD! She impressed us with her super-musical, super-clean turning sequences, complete with changing spots.


MADISON PENNEY, who casually pulled off a perfectly placed octuple pirouette on pointe.

NICOLE KELLY, who gave us revolutions for days in pretty much every possible position.

And MICHAEL JASTRZEBSKI, who held it down for the guys with a crisp, classical pirouette (capped off with a double tour, NBD).

Congratulations, everybody! (Also—we see you, Alex Wong.😘 )

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