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Purple is often associated with royalty, power and wisdom. Sound like qualities you'd like to bring to your dancing? Same.

We rounded up our favorite purple looks from Just for Kix, for inside the studio or on the stage:

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Essential info on more than 50 costume brands.

To get your costume company listed visit: or contact

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Photo of Lythgoe by Anthony Behar/PictureGroup, courtesy Fox. Photo of Deeley by Adam Rose, courtesy Fox.

It's been 14 years (!) since "So You Think You Can Dance" first graced our television screens. Over its 16 seasons, the prolific show has presented hundreds of routines. And many of them have been jump-off-your-couch-and-cheer great. "SYT" numbers regularly wow viewers, win Emmy Awards, and launch the careers of dancers and choreographers.

So in a way we weren't surprised that, when asked to pick their favorite "SYT" routines, producer Nigel Lythgoe and host Cat Deeley had the same initial response: It's too hard! We asked them to choose 5 to 10 pieces; Lythgoe couldn't narrow his list to fewer than 12.

In the end, their agonized-over choices included not only stone-cold classics, but also some unexpected picks. Here—in chronological order—are the "SYT" numbers Deeley and Lythgoe can't live without. —Margaret Fuhrer

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Darriel Johnakin is your 2019 Cover Model Search winner!

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CMS runners-up Diego Pasillas and Emma Sutherland write thank-you letters to their fans

Nigel Lythgoe and Cat Deeley's Favorite "SYTYCD" Routines of All Time

The numbers the "SYTYCD" icons can't live without.


Three professional dancers take us inside their dressing rooms for a behind-the-scenes look at everything from makeup to mementos.

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Top trends from this past summer's Nationals.

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Don't let them happen to you!

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For college-bound dancers, it's a major question.

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Five senior dance majors reflect on their college experiences.

Letter to My Teenage Self

Ballet dancer turned Broadway star Robert Fairchild.

The Dirt

Rising Ailey II company member Caroline Theodora Dartey.

Dear Katie

Kathryn Morgan answers your pressing dance questions.


The differences between hot and ice baths—and when dancers should use each.


How overstretching can lead to inferior results and injury.


The right (and wrong) ways to do three key stretches.


Creating movement for inexperienced performers doesn't have to be daunting.

College Corner

The life-changing magic of office hours.

You Should Know

Comp star and bunhead Rebecca Myles Stewart.

Courtesy Madison Goodman

Congratulations to the August Cover Model Search Editors' Choice video winner, Madison Goodman! Catch her solo below, and make sure to enter the Cover Model Search here.

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Cover Model Search
Get Shot By Brian, Courtesy National Dance Showcase

In today's culture, winning is everything—so much so that most dance competitions highlight trophies above all else and emphasize the importance of being on top. But before platinum and first place became top priority, competitions were a chance for dancers to be inspired, have an incredible experience, and grow, as both artists and people.

Some competitions, like National Dance Showcase, are committed to presenting a new model, in the hope that other comps follow suit. Instead of promoting a culture where only winning matters, NDS focuses on nurturing the whole dancer. That doesn't mean NDS or comps like it are any less competitive—it's just about striking the right balance and remembering what a dance competition should really be about:

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Jordan Matter, Courtesy BLOCH

When it comes to dancewear, BLOCH has long been a brand dancers trust—but you've probably never seen them quite like this before. For their new back-to-school campaign, debuting exclusively here on Dance Spirit, the brand teamed up with photographer Jordan Matter, known for his adventurous, playful shoots that push dancers out of their comfort zones.

They knew he'd be able to capture the energy, fun, and excitement of back-to-school season. It was also a dream collaboration for Matter. "I travel to London a lot, and I've used the outside of their store as a location because all the designs are so beautiful," he says. "Even before I ever worked with them I was starting to utilize their products in my photos. And I know they have a great reputation."

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Courtesy Amy Palmer

Congratulations to the July Cover Model Search Editors' Choice video winner, Amy Palmer! Check out her solo below, and enter the Cover Model Search here.

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Dean College dancers performing "Bitter Suite" by student choreographer Jenna Mae Mixner ('19). (Scott May, Courtesy Dean College)

Imagine: It's your first year in a dance company and the artistic director is staging a new work. She works through a few phrases of choreography and then turns to you, asking you to come up with something of your own. Are you ready?

In many of today's most exciting companies, the choreographer/muse relationship is being disrupted in favor of collaboration. Many dancers also find that their own dancing improves after they have tried their hand at creating new work. "Choreographers want to work with performers who aren't afraid to take risks, make bold decisions, and contribute something that will ultimately make the work stronger," says Dean College professor of dance studies, Stephen Ursprung.

Make sure your dance degree is going to work for you in the real world. At Dean College in Franklin, Massachusetts, The Joan Phelps Palladino School of Dance is preparing their BFA and BA dancers for the changing professional world that awaits them with a special focus on dance composition. Whether you are in school with an ambition to be a professional dancer, a choreographer, or both, look for opportunities to deep dive into the process of creating dance.

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Screenshot via YouTube, courtesy Jamaii Melvin

Congratulations to the June Cover Model Search Editors' Choice video winner, Jamaii Melvin! Catch his solo below, and enter the Cover Model Search here.

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Elegant danseur Darrion Sellman.

Photo by Erin Baiano

14-year-old phenom Madison Brown excels in both ballet and contemporary—and we're talking a wins-basically-every-competition-she-enters level of excellence. How does she do it? Read her Summer 2019 cover story, here on, to find out.

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