Junior Division students at The Ailey School (Eduardo Patino, courtesy The Ailey School)

Having a passion for dance is a wonderful thing. But it shouldn't mean ignoring your non-dance loves. "It's important for young dancers to explore other avenues and interests," says Guillermo Asca, coordinator of The Ailey School's Professional Performing Arts High School partnership. "Directors and teachers want to open up possibilities—and, if it's doable, they want to help you make it happen."

That said, even with your teachers' support, figuring out how to juggle your dance commitments and other extracurriculars can be tricky (to put it mildly). And there is a point when you'll have to focus deeply on dance if it's something you want to pursue professionally. So, how can you figure out the best balance for you?

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How To
Class at The Ailey School (Jaeger Sloan, courtesy The Ailey School)

The school year is winding down, which means our favorite time of year is approaching: summer intensive season! Whether you're attending a dance program that spans three weeks or two months, set in a big city or close to home, here's advice from the experts on how to make it your best one yet.

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Dancer to Dancer
As a dancer with Ailey II, Kyle Martin figured out how to get his body through a heavy performance schedule. (Photo by Nan Melville)

Landing your first professional dance gig is a dream come true—and a huge learning opportunity. We talked to four young dancers about what they've learned from their first jobs, and how those lessons have strengthened their careers.

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Dancer to Dancer



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