Valentine's Day Hotties!

DS talked to 7 cute young men about dancing, kissing and the perfect date.


Neil Haskell


Noteworthy: “So You Think You Can Dance” season 3
Favorite role: Big Beau in the chorus of Twyla Tharp’s The Times They Are A-Changin’ on Broadway. “I got to work with amazing dancers and it was a really great experience.”
Perfect day: “Class at Steps on Broadway, meet friends to eat and hang out, and go to Central Park.”
Dream date: “I would take my girlfriend to her favorite restaurant and then on a ride around Central Park in a horse-drawn carriage. Then we’d watch a movie.”
The person of his dreams must: “Enjoy my cooking.” (Neil’s specialties are eggs and spaghetti.)
—Alison Feller


Preston Mui


Proudest career moment: “The Super Bowl with Janet Jackson. It was an honor to be dancing and rehearsing with those people.”
Hobbies: Fashion and improv comedy—Preston belongs to an improv group called False Sense of Security.
Can’t live without: Chocolate-covered pretzels.
Perfect day: “Make myself breakfast, sit out at the pool and eat, go to the gym, have a few auditions—or a lot of auditions!—make myself a good dinner, then go see an improv show at night.”
First kiss: “Confusing.”
Relationship status: “Single—but hopefully not by Valentine’s Day!”
—Kristin Lewis


Nick Bass


Favorite gig: Justin Timberlake’s “FutureSex/Love Show” tour. “It’s the style of dance I love, and I get to be around great people.”
Proudest career moment: Having the guts to move to L.A. at 21. “You only get one chance in life, so you have to be willing to take risks.”
Favorite vacation spot: A tropical island or a secluded cabin in the mountains.
Dream date: “Something personal, without a lot of people, so I can really devote my attention to my girl.”
First kiss: “Nervous.”
Class or performance? “Class. It’s kind of like therapy where I can take out my frustrations from everyday life.”
—Lauren Levinson


Eduardo Permuy


Dances with: The Joffrey Ballet
Hobbies: “Writing poetry, listening to music and hanging out with friends.”
Favorite vacation spot: “Disney World!”
Perfect day: “Going to work and doing the best that I can do.”
Can’t live without: “Cuban food!”
Best Valentine: “I haven’t really gotten any presents, but an ex once prepared dinner and we had an awesome night.”
Celebrity crush: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Best pick-up line: “I’m not a very flirtatious kind of guy; I joke around. If I like someone, I just strike up a conversation.”
Relationship status: Taken.

—Brianne Carlon


Patrick Ferreri


Dances with: NYC-based modern companies Keigwin + Company, David Dorfman Dance and Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance
Describes his dancing as: “Full-bodied play.”
Favorite vacation spot: “The beach. Any beach.”
Perfect day: “Good conversation in a park under a tree.”
Can’t live without: “My mom.”
Dream date: “Cooking dinner for someone.”
Best Valentine: “One year my friend and I were both bitter that we didn’t have significant others on Valentine’s Day, so we got each other presents. She got me a gigantic stuffed teddy bear.” 
First kiss: “Awful.”
Relationship status: Single.

—Kathryn Holmes


Tyler Hanes


Broadway gigs: A Chorus Line, Sweet Charity, Hairspray and The Boy from Oz. Currently working on The Studio with Christopher d’Amboise.
Proudest career moment: “I got cast in the first national Fosse tour. Being able to perform that work with the amazing caliber of dancers was surreal.” 
Best Valentine: “A box of chocolate from my mom.”
Perfect day: “Sleep in, hang out in Central Park, see a silly movie, eat a delicious dinner and end my day with a deep tissue massage.”
Dream date: “Someone surprising me with a spontaneous adventure like skydiving.”
The person of his dreams must have: “A sense of humor.”
—Lauren Kay


JaBowen Dixon


Dances with: M.A.D.D. Rhythms
Proudest career moment: “A tap on my shoe cracked and the whole thing came off. I kept dancing and the audience went crazy, like, ‘Oh he dances with one foot.’ That was the greatest moment.”
Hobbies: Rapping, basketball, football, writing poetry, designing a line of T-Shirts
Can’t live without: “My tap shoes.”
Dream date: “Whatever makes the girl I’m going out with have a good time. A dream date would be with a girl who’s really outgoing and fun to talk to. That way it doesn’t matter where we go.
Justin Timberlake or bach? “Stevie Wonder.”


Photo: Craig Decristo


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