Watch This Mind-Blowingly Beautiful New Emma Portner Video


At this point, it's safe to say Emma Portner's imagination knows no bounds. The November 2016 cover star is constantly creating (I'm talking a new, stunning choreo clip on Instagram a day), and her latest project, a collaboration with Ajani Johnson-Goffe called "Lavender," gives us some serious feels.

Portner, who has as much of a way with words as she does movement, explains how she and Johnson-Goffe "carve through through the implicit oppositional issues of private vs. public, quiet vs. loud and seen vs. watched. As performers adhered to an auditorium, [we] deconstruct the confines what it means to perform. Moving boldly as a form of existence with a quest to belong." As always, her insanely unique movement quality is on full display (not to mention, she and Johnson-Goffe are a match made in dancing heaven). It's an incredible watch—check it out below.

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