We've Got a Brand New Dance Challenge, Courtesy of Beyoncé

We're not worthy 😭 (Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

We're officially declaring April the month of Beyoncé. Not only did she gift us the greatness that is her Homecoming documentary, but she followed it up with the #BeforeILetGoChallenge, the newest viral dance craze to sweep the world wide web.

Clearly, Queen Bey noticed the void left by the #InMyFeelingsChallenge and remedied the situation immediately. On Monday night, she reposted videos on her Instagram story of fans dancing to her cover of Frankie Beverly and Maze's 1981 hit, "Before I Let Go." The challenge took off overnight and a hashtag was born. Check out some of the incredible entries below, then make a submission of your own! 🐝

Beyoncé Posts 'Before I Let Go Challenge' Videos on Instagram Stories www.youtube.com

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