Who We’re Rooting For Tonight!

In anticipation for tonight’s episode of “SYTYCD,” I rounded up the Dance Spirit editors’ top picks of the season so far. Check it out, and then let us know who you’re liking. And don’t forget to follow us on twitter!

Brianne Carlon, Managing Editor
Favorite girl: Kayla Radomski. She is the most versatile and best dancer.
Favorite boy: Jonathan Platero. He dances with emotion, and he’s really cute!
Favorite couple: Evan and Randi. They are vertically challenged, like me!
Favorite routine: Stacey Tookey's contemporary piece to "Falling Slowly" by The Frames. Great song, great dance, amazing supportive-lift sequence!

Lauren Levinson (me!), Associate/Fashion Editor
Favorite girl: Jeanine Mason—I’m biased—I worked with Jeanine at a DS fashion shoot, so I know she’s got talent and spirit!
Favotie boy: Jason Glover. He won me over in his first Bollywood routine. He has technique, charisma and a dashing smile.
Favorite couple: Evan and Randi—small and spunky, ‘nuff said.
Favorite routine: Stacey Tookey’s “Falling Slowly.” Her piece really moved me and was well executed by the dancers. It was a love story without being cheesy!

Alison Feller, Associate Editor
Favorite girl: Kayla. That girl is smokin' hot! Plus, she's been in DS before so I feel some loyalty toward her. She's made it clear that she's more than a pretty face and hot bod. She's got technique and stage presence to back it all up!
Favorite boy: I haven't really felt an overwhelming connection to any of the guys yet. They're all so good! But my fave at the moment is probably Evan, just because he's adorable. I wouldn't say he's the strongest dancer, but he's a cute kid and I can't resist a cheeky smile!
Favorite couple: Evan and Randi and Jonathan and Karla. Both are small and cute and have great chemistry! I'm also looking forward to seeing how Kayla and Kupono will be together.
Favorite routine: Tabitha & Napoleon's hip-hop routine to "Mad" for Jeanine and Phillip and Stacey Tookey's "Falling Slowly" contemporary piece for Jonathan and Karla. Both beautifully choreographed and fantastically executed by the dancers.

Lauren Kay, Associate Editor
Favorite guy: Evan Kasprzak. He represents style and grace versus tricks and thrashing.
Favorite girl: Tie between the emotive and lovely-lined Jeanine and the fiery, vibrant Janette.
Favorite couple: Evan and Randi. They have clear passion and respect for the craft of dance.
Favorite routine: Jeanine and Phillip's "Mad" by Tabitha and Napoleon

Margaret Fuhrer, Assistant Editor
Favorite girl: Melissa—bunheads unite! And I loved her in that Mandy Moore routine the first week.
Favorite boy: Jason—such a cutie. The footage of baby Jason imitating Michael Jackson was priceless.
Favorite couple: Randi and Evan—pint-sized powerhouses!
Favorite couple: Doriana Sanchez's disco for Janette and Brandon. I'm such a sucker for a good disco routine, and these two nailed Doriana's super-fast choreo!


PS: We heard that the BeatFreakz will be performing with The Veronicas on Thursday's episode! We're huge fans of the BeatFreakz, and you'll find out why in November! —Lauren Levinson



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