"World of Dance" Week 10 Recap: There Can Only Be Four Finalists

It's Briar's prerogative. (Jordin Althaus/NBC)

With its eye-popping visuals, colorful cast of outrageously dressed characters, and terrifyingly fierce competition, "World of Dance" sometimes feels just a little bit like a dance version of The Hunger Games. ("The Dancer Games," perhaps?) Last night's episode only reinforced that sense, as we watched 12 formidable acts get mercilessly narrowed down to just four remaining contenders. Who went home, and who held on to their chance for victory? Happy Hunger Games, dancers!

Upper Division

2016 DS Cover Model Search winner Briar Nolet flipped her way to the top of her division with an acro-heavy solo to Britney Spears' "My Prerogative," edging out Derion and Madison (who took a big technical risk that unfortunately didn't land—literally) and Poppin John (who the judges felt needed to show more variety). The judges praised the growth Briar's made throughout the competition, and we cannot WAIT to see how she levels up in the finale round.

Junior Team Division

Teeny-tiny hip-hoppers VPeepz beat out the Crazy 8's (cute contemporary kids) and the Dancetown Divas (ballroom babies with loads of girl power) with some amazing synchronicity, WHOA-worthy illusions, and a genuinely fun stage presence. Hip-hop groups have historically done super well in the "World of Dance" final round (hello, last year's champs The Lab), so it'll be interesting to see if that trend continues this year.

Junior Division

This round was a real nail-biter, not least because each judge handed out their highest score to a different divisional finalist: J.Lo's high score went to fierce-arina Kayla Mak, Derek Hough thought contemporary sister act Ellie & Ava were best, and Ne-Yo gave the highest numbers to Julian & Charlize. In the end, contemporary prevailed, with Ellie & Ava's flawless control sending the sisters on to the Finals.

Upper Team Division

This divisional final was practically a coronation ceremony: The Kings showed that they're true royalty with a number that had the judges literally on their feet 30 seconds in. Unity LA's heartbreaking concept (which gave Ne-Yo his first-ever goosies, nbd) and The Heima (who weren't quite up to their usual level of "wow") sadly couldn't trounce the unstoppable guys from India.

But wait: Turns out there can be more than four finalists! Next week, a Wild Card will be announced—aka an act that didn't score at the top of their division, but that the judges feel deserves to advance. Who do you think the lucky dancer (or dancers) will be?

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