Everything you need for a Zoom-ready Halloween costume (Getty Images/Bogdan Kurylo)

4 Zoom Dance Class-Ready Costumes for a Very 2020 Halloween

These days, we're all about finding the silver linings, especially for the many dancers who have yet to return to in-person dance classes. And while you might not get the *classic* studio mirror pic with your besties in costume this year, we're here to tell you that Zoom can lend some additional creativity to your Halloween look.

That's right: This year, we're using the Zoom background feature to add another layer of awesome to our Halloween costumes. Here are four very danceable and 2020-themed costume ideas, complete with Zoom background suggestions to bring your Halloween vibes to the next level.

Dancers "Among Us"

If you ask the teacher to repeat the adagio combo, you're sus. And if you ask to speed up petit allegro, you *might* actually be the imposter.

Channel the mobile game that's taken the second act of quarantine by storm with this simple costume. Start by taking either a solid color leo, hoodie, or T-shirt and attaching a rectangle of tin foil to represent the cute lil astronauts' helmet visors. Then accessorize with any kind of headwear you can imagine: cowboy hat, Santa hat, birthday hat, tiara—nothing is too weird. Finish off the look with an outer space background and you're ready to watch out for any imposters that might creep up behind you at the barre.

Baby Yoda at the Barre

Buy a pair of Yoda ears from a Halloween store or get creative with some construction paper and felt. Then throw on your comfiest neutral-colored warmups to channel Baby Yoda's cozy look. Think high necklines, oversized sweaters, and sweats or trashbag pants. Add a mug of your fave class beverage for a prop that doubles as a reminder to stay hydrated. Instant meme material. And, of course, complete with a Zoom background of a still from "The Mandalorian." You'll be the Star (Wars) of your Zoom class.

"Tiger King" of Zoom Classes

This era of quarantine may feel like it was decades ago, but before Carole Baskin graced us with her presence on "Dancing with the Stars," she starred in the most bonkers Netflix show of the year. Channel her look and give some lyrical vibes with a flowy top and a flower crown, and recruit a friendly cat or kitten to wear some cat ears and tiger print for an easy group costume. Set your background to a pic of Joe Exotic for the purrfect (sorry, had to) finishing touch.

Dancers, Assemblé!

While the real heroes are wearing a different kind of mask this year, a classic superhero costume is always a standout. A combination of red and blue dancewear could work for Superman or Wonder Woman, depending on the accessories you choose to style it with. A sleek all black look could suit Batman, Black Widow, or Black Panther. Better yet, get the whole class involved and make your Zoom gallery view look like the scene from Avengers: Endgame when the whole #supersquad shows up at once.

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