James Corden Got Fik-Shun to Do the Robot AS a Robot, All Is Right with the World

Exactly what we needed today (CBS)

Do you wanna see hip-hop genius Fik-Shun Stegall—co-winner of "So You Think You Can Dance" Season 10, "World of Dance" standout, and star of the new movie All Styles—do the robot while dressed as a robot? Of course you do.

Does "The Late Late Show" host James Cordon wanna see it?

Thank the dance gods, he does.

Fik-Shun popped up on Cordon's show last night during the "James Wanna See It" bit, featuring a wheel of things that Cordon may or may not want to see. "A Robot Doing the Robot," one of the wheel's options, made the cut—and after a lackluster still drawing of said animatron failed to impress Cordon, Fik-Shun came out in full robot regalia to show everyone how it's really done.

We've watched Fik-Shun freestyle dozens of times, but his crazy creativity never fails to make our jaws drop. (And hey, we already knew he could rock metallic face paint.)

Enjoy, friends!

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