Please Enjoy Larsen Thompson's Oh-So-Casual Feature in the "New York Times"

Yes, dance artists are turning up more and more frequently in the pages of mainstream publications (and YAY for that trend!). But it's pretty rare for the renowned New York Times to feature a teenage dancer.

Then again, it's pretty rare for anyone to be as all-around fabulous as Larsen Thompson.

This weekend, the Times interviewed our former cover star for its Up Next column, discussing everything from her reaction to that first viral dance video ("I woke up with about a million views on YouTube, and it was like, What the heck?") to her upcoming role in the film Family Tree ("It's a cool, mysterious, crime-related movie") to her aspirations to pop stardom (she describes her voice as a combination of "Lorde, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift").

GET IT, LARSEN. And while the NYT piece might not give you the dance fix you crave, we're here to help with that. Check out some of Larsen's most dancetastic videos below.

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