Here's How to Celebrate National Dance Day This Year

Dancers celebrating National Dance Day 2016 in Boston (via YouTube)

Happy (almost) National Dance Day, everybody! 2017's "Dance Christmas" falls on Saturday, July 29—and there are all kinds of ways for you to join the party.

If you're in or around L.A. or Washington, DC, you're especially lucky: Those cities are hosting giant NDD events. From 10 am to 2 pm on the 29th, Angelenos can boogie down to Grand Park, where Nigel Lythgoe will be hosting a bunch of classes and interactive performances led by some of your favorite "So You Think You Can Dance" stars. Over at DC's Kennedy Center, the NDD festivities will run from 2 pm to 10:30 pm, and include dance lessons, performances, and a giant swing-dance social.

But there are plenty of ways for the rest of us to get in on the fun, too. The Kennedy Center will be livestreaming its big Millennium Stage performance at 6 pm on its website, for starters. Be sure to check the national registry of events to find fun NDD activities happening in your area, too. And as always, there's an official NDD routine for you to learn, film, and enter in the annual video contest. The prize for the two winning posters this year is especially awesome: a private dance class in L.A. with none other than Jade Chynoweth.👌👌👌

Check out this year's routine (demonstrated by Jade and her fellow "Step Up: High Water" star Carlito Olivero) below, and then click over to the Dizzy Feet Foundation site for the full contest rules.

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