The Absolute Best of Todrick Hall's #NHHHChallenge

The music video for Todrick Hall's newest track, "Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels"—which [death-]dropped just in time for Pride Month—is the textbook definition of fierce. Todrick and his squad of 50+ dancers are an army of attitude, hitting gorgeous lines and strutting in sync (while wearing heels, no less). And after showing his followers how it's done, Todrick challenged them to learn the choreography themselves, using the hashtag #NHHHChallenge.

Friends, those followers DELIVERED. Check out this roundup of our favorite #NHHHChallenge posts. They don't play, they slay…

Harper Watters

Clap it out for clean lines and precision! We wouldn't expect anything less from this Queen Bee of ballet.

Joelle D'Fontaine

We love not only the hard-hitting choreo, but also the killer hype squad cheering these dancers on from the sidelines.

Marisha Wallace

What does this fabulous unicorn do when she's not waiting tables in London's West End? Pose, twirl, and snap for her life, of course.

Isa Sophia

I think we may have a winner.

So who's next to join in on the challenge? We nominate heels icon Yanis Marshall and Todrick's very own bestie, Taylor Swift!

Want to see how Todrick and assistant choreographer Theresa Stone brought his vision to life? Check out this behind the scenes video.

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