TSwift & JHud Are Confirmed to Be in the "CATS" Movie

LEAKED FOOTAGE! (We wish. But seriously, will Olivia Benson be making a cat-meo?)

We can hear it now: "Jennifer songs for Hudson cats! Taylor songs for Swift cats!" Okay, maybe that particular lyric change (to the #iconic opening number from the record-breaking musical CATS) is a bit far-fetched.

But you know what IS the honest-to-Grizabella truth? That Taylor Swift and Jennifer Hudson are CONFIRMED to be in the new movie of everyone's favorite feline-omenon!

According to Deadline, Hudson will play Grizabella, the glamour cat who gets to screlt "Memory"—trust us, you've heard this song before—at the eleventh hour. But the jury is out on which Jellicle TSwift will embody on-screen. That means we here at DS have the privilege and honor of ~speculating!~ Look what you made me do indeed.

Will TSwizzle play Victoria, the elegant white cat? (Honestly, we kinda hope that role goes to a dancer dancer. No shade to Ms. Swift and her charmingly adorkable dancing skills!)

Or will the New Taylor take on Jennyanydots, the uber-perky tap-dancing kittycat recently brought to life by DS cover star Eloise Kropp? A role this bubbly might require a return of the Old Taylor, tbh. (She still can't come to the phone right now? Darn it.)

Right now, our money's on Bombalurina (below, standing), the flirtatious and magnetic kittay played in the recent Broadway revival by Christine Cornish Smith. "Call It What You Want" to, though! The queen of pop is sure to be "Gorgeous" no matter which role she takes on. The only remaining question is, are you "...Ready for It?"

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