Unsurprisingly, Season 1 winners Les Twins have had a pretty epic year. (NBC)

Catching Up With Our "World of Dance" Season 1 Favorites

"World of Dance" Season 2 is in full swing, introducing us to a new crop of jaw-dropping talents—and reuniting us with a few of the stars of Season 1, including 15-year-old dynamo Eva Igo. But what have our other Season 1 faves (Les Twins! KynTay! Swing Latino!) been up to since their big TV moment? Here's where they are now.

Les Twins

Let's start off with Season 1's big winners, Les Twins. The Parisian duo has had a whirlwind year since taking home the million-dollar prize, the highlight of which was probably performing alongside (literally—they were front and center) Beyoncé at Coachella. If that isn't the definition of #goals, we don't know what is.


Hip hop/jazz duo KynTay (aka Kyndall Harris and Taylor Hatala) wowed the pants off "WOD" audiences last season. What could top killing it on live TV? How about dancing on tour with Janet Jackson, like they did this year? We're so happy for this duo!


OK, yes: The hip-hop crew Jabbawockeez was super-successful long before their run on "World of Dance" (they won "America's Best Dance Crew" back in 2008). But this past year, the group had some especially exciting projects come their way—like getting to perform with Bruno Mars during his world tour.

Swing Latino

The fabulous Swing Latino ensemble came in third place last season. Since then, they've performed all over the world—and in May, they continued their television domination, auditioning for "America's Got Talent."

D'Angelo Castro

D'Angelo Castro (along with his talented partner, Amanda Carbajales) added some ballroom-style fire to the junior category last season. Castro's made waves outside the ballroom world this past year, earning first place at NUVO and even starring in a production of the ballet Don Quixote.


After taking our breath away last season, the tap company Rhythmatic just premiered its first full-length show, On Top of the World, in L.A. And be on the lookout for the crew at the American Tap Festival in San Diego this July.

Boys of Temecula

They made it all the way to The Duels round last season, and since then, the members of Boys of Temecula have continued to perform and grow. Jaden Barba was a finalist for this year's YoungArts scholarship; Mason Idler launched his musical theater career in a production of Singing in the Rain; and our friend Gabe De Guzman joined Club Mickey Mouse. Needless to say, every single one of these boys has a bright future ahead of him.

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